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Entertaining portals
Personal area
Mobile apps
Bots development
Telegram, Discord, Whatsapp and any other platform with api.
We will implement any of your ideas: from a feedback bot to a marketplace.

The use of bots is a new level of interaction, a person does not need to install additional applications or go to the site, just go to your favorite messenger or social network.

We use modern technologies in development - Rust, C#. This means that the bot will not "down" under load or attack.
Online services, mini-games
We have a wide range of experience in creating entertainment resources: from online cinemas to browser-based mini-games.

Human is more receptive to entertainment content, due to the characteristics of the brain. So why present information dryly and tediously when it can be presented in a playful way?

We will help you increase the appeal of your content by adding interactivity and entertainment to it. Or we will create a personal video-audio interactive platform for you.
Online platforms and personal area
Need a platform to distribute online courses? Or a full-fledged platform for your company?
We will help you create a convenient infrastructure for any task.

We use modern technologies in development - Rust, React, Vue.js, This means that the - everything will work quickly, beautifully, functionally and safely.
We integrate any external systems and devices. We will integrate your API or create it from scratch for you.
Mobile apps
We create intuitive user interfaces. We will help you create effective tools for any task: from an online store with a bonus system to event applications with entertainment integration.

We work with Android and iOS.

We use modern technologies in development:

React Native, F#, Vue.js

Real IT is our Reality



Why you want to choose us
We not use Java & PHP
Why use legacy technology from 2009?
We follow trends and use only modern and efficient technologies:
Rust, F#, React, Vue.js
We work quickly
We are a young dynamic team, working without complex bureaucratic delays.
We do not outsource projects to subcontractors.
Massive experience
From developing gaming web applications for marketing promotion to designing full-featured personal accounts.
Professional Support
Our experts will secure the server from attacks.
Using Git technology, we will constantly send updates to your infrastructure.

We work with technologies:

Completed works

Online cinema written by us on the framework Vue.js
The site has custom lists, and a huge selection of various filters for a quick search.

Online cinema

Multi-page site using technology server-side rendering.
Written by us on the framework Vue.js

Site for professional services network

Integrated personal area for desktop and mobile versions.
We have implemented an internal exchange of messages and files, the creation of requests, as well as filtering and a convenient calendar.

Personal area

Landing page written from scratch, with Vue.js
Unlike constructors, writing a website allows you to implement any customer's ideas without restrictions.


Referral system

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+ 110$
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